Safety is of utmost importance to us. We deeply sympathize with the tragic incident involving the fire in Old Montreal that resulted in the loss of seven lives. We understand your concerns about the safety of accommodations and assure you that we prioritize the well-being and security of our guests.

In the case of my house, it has been granted a city hall permit, which reflects its compliance with the necessary safety regulations. Additionally, I want to emphasize that my family resides on the upper floor, ensuring an added layer of safety and security.

To further enhance the safety measures, all the lights, kitchen appliances, and laundry facilities in the house are equipped with motion sensors and timers. These advanced features not only align with but also exceed the safety requirements set forth by the city hall.

Fire protection is a paramount concern for us, and we go to great lengths to prioritize it. We understand that when you choose an Airbnb, it is crucial to have peace of mind regarding fire safety. We take this responsibility seriously and have implemented stringent fire safety protocols to safeguard our guests’ lives and property.

Furthermore, each room in our house is equipped with smoking alarms. This ensures that in the event of smoke or fire, immediate detection and alerts are in place to mitigate potential risks.

We want to assure you that our commitment to safety and security is unwavering. Your well-being is our top priority, and we continuously strive to provide a secure and comfortable environment for all our guests.

We take pride in ensuring the highest level of safety in all our rooms. We understand that when you stay with us, you are entrusting us with your well-being, and we take that responsibility seriously.

To maintain a secure environment, we have implemented several safety measures throughout our rooms. Here are some of the key features that contribute to our commitment to safety:

  1. Smoke Alarms: Each room is equipped with state-of-the-art smoke alarms. These devices are designed to detect the presence of smoke or fire at the earliest possible stage, allowing for immediate response and evacuation if necessary.
  2. Fire Extinguishers: We have strategically placed fire extinguisher in the kitchen. This extinguisher is regularly inspected and maintained to ensure they are fully functional in the event of an emergency.
  3. Emergency Exits: The kitchen Window and Room 3 Window are Emergency Exits, indicating the shortest and safest routes to evacuate the building in case of an emergency. We conduct regular drills to familiarize our guests with the evacuation procedures.
  4. The stove in the kitchen is equipped with an automatic shutdown feature that activates when no one is present for a minute, guaranteeing the utmost safety within the kitchen.
  5. All room power breaks are installed with AFCI breaks. The AFCI circuit breaker serves a dual purpose by not only shutting off electricity in the event of an “arcing fault” but also tripping when a short circuit or overload occurs, ensuring comprehensive protection.
  6. Adequate Lighting: We understand the importance of well-lit spaces in promoting safety. Our rooms feature ample lighting to ensure clear visibility and minimize the risk of accidents.
  7. Secure Locks: Each room is fitted with sturdy locks to provide an added layer of security and privacy during your stay. We ensure that all locks are regularly inspected and maintained to guarantee their reliability.
  8. Compliance with Regulations: We strictly adhere to local safety regulations and guidelines set by relevant authorities. Our rooms are regularly inspected to ensure compliance with these standards, and any necessary updates or improvements are promptly implemented.

Your safety is our top priority, and we continually assess and update our safety protocols to provide you with a secure environment. If you have any specific concerns or requirements regarding safety during your stay, please feel free to communicate them to us, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

We want you to have a worry-free and comfortable experience while staying with us, and we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of safety in all aspects of our accommodations.